June 27, 2019

How to Use Credit Card in Your Favor

Considered a “villain” by many, credit card has benefits and can be very useful, just use it in a conscious way. But how to use the credit card in your favor? First, as its name already says, it is a “credit”, that is, it is not your money. And that’s where the problem lies: the false sense that “having a credit card” is “having money”. None of this! Using a credit card is like borrowing money from someone (in this case, from the bank or financial) and having to return on a certain date. The difference is that there is no “friend” behind this loan, meaning if you do not…

May 5, 2019

Home Purchase: Calculation of effective interest rates and debit interest

It goes without saying that you have to pay interest on a mortgage loan. Few builders are aware, however, that the borrowing rate is only part of the cost. Before buying a house Processing fees and payment methods can lead to significantly higher costs, which are expressed by the effective interest rate, the so-called APR. With our debit / effective interest calculator, you can quickly and easily determine how high the effective interest rate is. This will tell you how much credit or loan is actually going to cost you. Calculating the debit interest and the effective interest of the loan Debit and effective interest rates are to be distinguished…

April 29, 2019

Learn how to reduce the interest rate

Background with the bank, the term of the loan and give a good as collateral is among the factors that help to lower the interest rate when taking credit at a financial institution, according to experts. Already the dirty name is the main impediment for the customer to get money cheaper. The reason is the risk that this customer will again default, says the president of Credit website, credit comparison. “If it has a restriction on the market, the chance of getting credit is low. If you can, it will be at very high rates. Even by their own estimates that the chance to return to default is giant, around…

April 28, 2019

Personal payday loan for retirees

With demographic change, the proportion of retirees in the population is growing and medical progress is making it possible for an increasing number of senior citizens to stay fit and healthy and to stay. Retirees are therefore making their lives more active than ever before and are therefore more and more in line with the average age of their credit needs. Personal payday loan for retirees with increased risk of default Pensioners often encounter difficulties when applying for online payday loan. Thus, even with online payday loan from private pensioners for a stricter risk assessment by the lenders often brakes the willingness of the financiers for the granting of loans….

April 24, 2019

Building loan agents have more banks to choose

So-called mortgage brokers are an indispensable part of real estate finance. About 10 years ago, such companies were virtually unrepresented in the German market, and today they play a significant role – not least because of the turnover figures. Building loan agents Last week, broker Lender published its figures: in the first quarter of this year, real estate loans worth just under € 1.5 billion were brokered. The business principle is quite simple: The mortgage broker helps builders, real estate buyers and debtors to examine the financing market and thus to find the right lender. T he advantage for the prospective borrower is to benefit from independent advice and at…

April 22, 2019

9 steps to achieve financial independence

Are you looking for tips to gain financial independence? Credit Good has listed the steps for you to organize your personal finances, get out of the special and revolving credit card check , and so you can live more peacefully. Before reading our tips, it is important to know better the concept of financial independence. Having financial freedom does not mean enriching, but rather becoming the protagonist of your own financial life, getting rid of financial problems that impede your growth. Next, learn how to have control over finances and achieve your financial independence. 1) Make smart choices to achieve financial independence When it comes to finance, have you made…

April 16, 2019

Credit Score: What It Is And How To Increase The Score!

Let us explain to you what the credit score is and how to consult yours for free. Also, check out tips for you to increase your score! What is the Credit Score? The credit score is a score ranging from 0 to 1,000. Each person has their score that is associated with the CPF and that varies from city and age , among other aspects. This score is based on the statistics of how is the financial relationship of people of the same profile with the market. For example, retirees aged 60 to 65, who live in the city of Belo Horizonte. Or young students from 18 to 25 years…