April 29, 2019

Learn how to reduce the interest rate

Background with the bank, the term of the loan and give a good as collateral is among the factors that help to lower the interest rate when taking credit at a financial institution, according to experts.

Already the dirty name is the main impediment for the customer to get money cheaper. The reason is the risk that this customer will again default, says the president of Credit website, credit comparison.

“If it has a restriction on the market, the chance of getting credit is low. If you can, it will be at very high rates. Even by their own estimates that the chance to return to default is giant, around 80%, “he says.

With the name dirty, many turns to financials, which charge higher rates than retail banks even for having a less rigid credit analysis.

“We look at the customer and give him a fee because of his behavior. A part of the value is spread (the difference between the interest on the loan raised by the bank and the rate it charges the customer), another part is the cost of money. But an important part is a risk, ” he says.

Term and loan guarantee

Term and loan guarantee

For the client with a clean name, one factor that usually reduces rates is the loan term. The lower the better the conditions offered by the bank as it recovers the borrowed money in a shorter time.

“The bank picks up money at a fixed rate and lends at a fixed rate. The longer the term of the loan, the greater the tendency for the rate to be higher, because of the mismatch of operations, “said director of loans and financing at Brazil Bank.

Giving a guarantee also helps says the chairman of the loan comparison website Credit Channel.

“On payroll, with payroll discount, interest rates are lower. There are banks that offer personal credit with property or vehicle guarantee, with better rates as well, “he says.

He points out, however, that not all lines of credit have negotiating flexibility. “There are lines that the bank does not make the rate much more flexible, like real estate and vehicle loans.”


Care when hiring credit

Care when hiring credit

An important tip is to avoid contracting credit in channels such as ATMs or the internet. “Easy credit means expensive credit. The credit at the ATM will surely be more expensive than the one obtained with the manager, “says Silver.

According to Bank, the interest charged on the loans offered by the bank follows the characteristics of each line of credit and “also consider variables such as the term of the financing, the percentage of entry and guarantees offered.”

“In addition to these factors, the relationship with the customer is also taken into account and is translated by the customer’s history with the bank,” he said.

At Bank, the situation of each customer is analyzed, taking into account “their credit behavior, relationship time, payment capacity and market conditions”.

Older people have an advantage

Older people have an advantage

In addition to the history with the bank, the customer’s own profile helps to make credit cheaper or expensive. Older people take advantage of younger people says. “Studies indicate a younger commitment to debt repayment.”


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